Hello, my name is Kristof. I assist innovators with their most challenging transactions. I proactively help with non-traditional contractual relationships and  business relationships in innovative domains. I understand new industries and I understand how companies need to rely on bespoke and fragile long term arrangements with partners. Most of my work is legal. But finding incentives between partners, articulating input services and finding control mechanisms in also requires knowledge of finance and economics, of the technology at hand and of the emerging and continuously changing industry’s landscape.

In traditional industries, a producer would distribute goods to wholesalers and retailers, possibly with the help of agents. Contracts around the sale and distribution of goods are well understood among traditional lawyers and consultants. The same goes for financing through a bank that can find comfort in assets that can serve as collateral.

However, actors in new technology industries often face situations where they need to find a less standardized agreement with a partner in order to fulfill their goals. But the transaction looks nothing like traditional industries. A telecom service provider might need to put physical infrastructure on a landowner to deploy a new wireless technology. A financial innovator might need a partner with the right set of licenses to hold client money. An internet service provider might need to access the network of another service provider but doesn’t know if there should be an exchange of money or just mutual access. An electronics developer might need to access the know-how of an institution, but doesn’t know how to agree on ownership and compensation over new developments. A financial backer might want to finance an innovative company, but understands that a traditional equity investment would offer too little safeguards and that sidecontracts are necessary.

Where traditional lawyers or consultants may be limited through traditional thinking, I start to come alive.

I have a background in academia where I did PhD research and where I lectured business law and entrepreneurial finance. I am in my early 30’s and I mostly live like a digital nomad. I have a strong multidisciplinary educational background (law, engineering, finance), a strong understanding of business law, business, technology and new technology markets, and a decent level of experience in what I do.

Feel free to browse around, or to get in touch if you have a project or file where you would like my assistance.

dr. ir. Kristof De Buysere