I am an independent professional with strong understanding of business law, and select industries and technologies.

I assist innovator companies and actors in a select number of industries: ICT, energy and finance. This is where I have a strong understanding of the industry organization and landscape, where I best understand the forces of innovation and where I am most passionate about. My interests also sometimes expose(d) me to other industries, like the pharmaceutical, new materials or marine & aviation industries.

My strongest input to clients in those domains, is international business law consulting. This is based on a strong interest in business transactions and transactional mechanics: corporate transactions (including M&A), contracting, partnering, structuring interorganizational coordination, etc. I also have a high degree of understanding of intellectual property, tax, antitrust (competition) and specialty regulatory topics. My work is in some cases limited to pure legal work (i.e. contract drafting, legal research).

However, it is very common that my input rather takes the form of providing research & analysis, or even just being all-round helping hands with business and strategy acumen.

Clients particularly appreciate my global and international mindset, as well as my multidisciplinary background and mindset. Finding transactional solutions is often a result of a good understanding of finance and economics, globalization, regulations, the technology at hand and of the emerging or continuously changing industry. Being independent allows me to be closer, more proactive and more integrated with clients’ activities. It is by times highly beneficial that I can be agile, 24/7 reachable, and very mobile.

I am in my early 30’s and I have a background in academia where I did PhD research in business law and where I lectured a course in business law and a course in entrepreneurial finance to undergraduate students. I have been trained in law (PhD), engineering (Masters’ degree) and finance (Graduate Diploma).

Feel free to browse around, or to get in touch if you have a project or file where you would like my assistance.

dr. ir. Kristof De Buysere

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