I provide freelance consulting services on a project per project basis on multidisciplinary domains that touch two or three axes:

The exact demand can take many forms

  • Intelligence around a topic or market, via briefings, reports, telephone advice, etc
  • A demand for lateral thinking input
  • Support with special situations
  • Due diligence
  • Market research: drafting the competitive landscape, researching substitute technologies, assessing the maturity of an industry, sketching the main actors and players in an industry, describing risks
  • Technology scouting

Although research and scouting is possible, please note that I am not licensed to provide investment advice. Hence, I can analyze a case, but I cannot recommend to invest in a specific case. Thus, I can provide information that can be used to make an investment advice, but I do not formulate it as a recommendation on which the investment decision should be made. My services towards investors comply with the guidelines of European Securities Market Authority to not take the form of financial advice. As a sole person, I cannot take the financial liability or responsibility that financial advice would normally imply.